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In order to shape the organization, DOWRA relies on its committees for direction. We are always looking for committee volunteers, so if you would like to participate please contact the corresponding committee chair(s) below.

Bylaws Committee

Role: To ensure that the Associationís governance procedures are current and relevant to its ongoing work.

Contact: Niki Gustafson

Education/Outreach Committee

Role: Advance member education through classes, training, and materials.

Contact: Bruce Bagley

DOWRA/DNREC Partnership

Role: Establish and facilitate effective communication with local, state and federal officials.

Contact: Josh Stallings

Membership Committee

Role: Define components to continue growth of organization and retain members.

Contact: Carol A. Evans

Nominating Committee

Role: To provide nominations for vacant board positions. Nominees must promote the onsite industry and the goals and mission of DOWRA.

Contact: Carol A. Evans

Membership Communication Committee

Role: To provide up to date information to the members on the associationís events, members, goals and educational activities.

Contact: Carol A. Evans (Website)
Niki Gustafson (FaceBook)

Simply Septics

Simply Septics