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Who We Are

The DOWRA was established in the fall of 1996 to promote the ideals and importance of the use and reuse of wastewater. Wastewater is the water that has passed through the plumbing system of your house. The recycling of water is vital to the environment, wildlife, and humans. DOWRA wants to inform homeowners, politicians, real estate agents, and the on-site industry of the importance of the need for on-site wastewater treatment and disposal systems.

On-Site wastewater treatment and disposal systems are found in various forms such as in individual on lot systems, large/community systems, spray irrigation or small treatment plants. DOWRA members represent every aspect of the industry from the site evaluator to the waste hauler. The membership combines the knowledge and experience of some of the best individuals within the State of Delaware as well as the Delmarva Peninsula.

What We Do

Establish uniform performance standards for design installation, and servicing of onsite treatment systems.

Promote the need for regular service and maintenance of onsite systems - regionally and nationally.

Establish guidelines and materials to train and certify onsite operations/maintenance personnel.

Communicate information among members as well as to organizations, agencies and individuals concerned with onsite treatment systems.

Collect and disseminate statistics, studies and other facts affecting the onsite wastewater recycling industry.

Educate the public concerning the value of recycling wastewater and the need for properly designed and maintained onsite treatment systems.

Assist in the development of sound ecological practices and expand the national awareness of the important economic contributions of onsite treatment systems.

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